Jun 26 2011

Celebs looking ugly!

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amy winehouse ugly photo

Well well, who do we have first in our line up of celeb not so beautifuls. Yip thats right Amy Liquorhouse, ooops i mine Winehouse looking her pretty self as usual.. Amy Winehouse has opted for the crazy, toothless look in this photo as you can tell!

Lindsay Lohan ugly photo

Lindsay Lohan

Poor Lindsay Lohan, she’s been having a hard time as of late. Not that it shows from this photo of course. Just saying.  Yip, take note kids. Alcohol, drugs, alcohol and heavy partying makes your eye go funny.

jlo looking ugly photo

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny is certainly from the block in this photo. Just shows what a bit of makeup can hide eh! Jennifer Lopez can dance, sing and act! and did I mention she has a great big, round.. set of eyes!

Madonna ugly photo


Ok, not the most flattering photo of Madonna in the world but what is that hat all about?! Plus you don’t really have time to think about makeup and looking glamorous when adopting kids from Malawi do you.

angalina ugly photo

Angelina Jolie

I bet Jennifer Aniston looks much hotter without makeup! To be fair to Ange she doesn’t look so bad I guess. I mean out of ten I’d still give her one… I mean those nice big lips and perl necklace.  Like Madonna Angelina also has a thing with adopting kids from far away lands.

cameron diaz ugly photo

Cameron Diaz

Was Cameron on the phone to her face transplant surgeon in this photo? Cameron Diaz looks hot usually. She is hot, but this pic is all wrong. I’m actually disappointed in her for not making an effort :( crying. Justin Timberlake could only take so much of waking up to the monster spot on her nose!

No wonder celebrities hate paparazzi and camera phones! But let’s be honest, it’s these photos that sell magazines and newspapers, and without this extra free publicity and PR the celebrities in question wouldn’t be as popular. Popularity and keeping in the publics eye usually means more money to them $$$$. So they really can’t complain too much.

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