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Sep 26 2011

Clever Safety Sign – Dumb ass sign maker but funny at the sametime!

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Clever Safety Sign

Oh dear, I hope some poor chap doesn’t put there face up against that hot glass! What was the sign maker thinking ?!

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Sep 25 2011

Hot Girls in Leggings Pics Part 1 (2 photos)

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girl in leggings photo

Don’t you just love a hot chick in leggings?

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Sep 25 2011

Russian winter (5 photos)

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russia snow photo

So you think you are going to have a bad winter this year? You think that little bit of snow we get every year is alot? Then my friend you need to visit Russia! Continue Reading »

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Sep 25 2011

One man and his Goat

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goat riding on bike funny photo

Do you think this dude knew the goat has hitched a ride?  Hey, I dont mind how people roll but thats definitely not going to do his street cred any good is it? Continue Reading »

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Sep 25 2011

This Is Sparta

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this is sparta image

Did you also love the film 300?? I loved the film so much I paid homage to the great film by “slightly” altering this safety floor sign at work :) The cleaners wheren’t very happy and Continue Reading »

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